Bios flashen vanuit Debian in 3 stappen

Op het Debian forum kwam ik deze howto tegen.

HOWTO: Flashing your BIOS from Debian in 3 steps.

So,your install of Debian went smooth, and you thought that every thing went hunkydory, till you find something is not working properly.

Or some hardware component is not working. You search, research, ask, and finally find that there is a bug in your motherboard’s BIOS.

All the motherboard manufacturers warn that flashing your BIOS will “brick” your computer. You receive warning that you will face a harrowing time flashing the BIOS. You are told that this is a very risky problem. And worst of all, you need the other OS, which you just exorcised from your computer.

Do not panic. If you are lucky (lucky as in your mother board supports the “flashrom” application, available in Debian, you can flash the bios from WITHIN a running Debian system.

You need to be root throughout.

Step 1 – install the package:-

apt-get install flashrom

Step 2 – back up your existing BIOS.

flashrom -r oldbios.dump

That will dump your old bios to file named “oldbios.dump”.

Step 3:-

flashrom -w newbiosfile.file

Where “newbiosfile.file” if name of the bios file you downloaded from your motherboard vendor.

1. You may want to check if your MotherBoard is supported.

flashrom –list-supported |more

Bron : Debian User Forums

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