LiCo – The New Linux Counter Project

Linux Counter has a new site : LiCo – The New Linux Counter Project
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Project Information

The New Linux Counter was created in order to replace and revive the good old, original Linux Counter Project on Alexander Mieland has taken over the project to revive it with a modern and uptodate engine and design at 14th of august 2011.
The intention was to develop and support the counter project and to rework it with a new design and new code in order to pay attention on the new php, html, css and javascript possibilities.
The original counter project was somehow dead for a very long time (over four years) and thus the statistics were not accurate any more.
As soon as the new project is finished, the old will get redirected completly to the new project

The original Linux Counter was run by a nonprofit membership organization called the Linux Counter Project.
This organization was created on May 1, 1999, taking over the running of the counter from Harald Tveit Alvestrand, who has been running the project since 1993. Harald Alvestrand is chief executive officer of the organization.

Coding and maintenance is carried out by The main developers.

A heartfelt thanks also goes to our contributors, both of material and of time, without whom this work would have been impossible.