Linux Mint Mini-PC Coming Soon

The Ubuntu-based spin ‘Linux Mint’ have been working with computer manufacturer CompuLab since late last year to bring Linux Mint to market on a range of energy efficient and fanless devices.
That partnership, which will see Mint receive a small percentage from the sale of each device, is close to bearing its fruit.

Mini Mint PCs

Two versions of the ‘MintBox’ will be made available, both based on AMD’s G-series chipset and using the latest release of the Linux Mint OS with MATE as its desktop environment.

The devices boasts:

AMD CPU up to 1.65GHz dual core
Dual-head Radeon HD graphics
4GB of RAM
4x USB ports
Dual-head DisplayPort
2 eSATA ports
Ruggedized metal case

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Source : Open Trends on Twitter