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Linux Mint signs a partnership with ThinkPenguin

Linux Mint signed a new partnership with ThinkPenguin.

ThinkPenguin is an American company that sells Linux computers and related products and services and ships them Worldwide.

For each Linux Mint branded item sold, or computer running Linux Mint, ThinkPenguin donates 10% of the sale to our project.

Bron : Linux Mint blog


30 October 2012 - Posted by | Linux, Linux Mint, OpenSource, Operating Systems, ThinkPenguin

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  1. They are contributing a lot more than 10%. They contribute another 10% to a fund that helps other free software projects. 25% of sales from free software users go to Trisquel. A 100% free distribution based on Ubuntu. They’re also working with developers to release free software for components where there is no hardware available that is not dependent on non-free drivers/firmware.

    The hardware is also not garbage. They are one of the only companies releasing high quality hardware with lower specs. That’s unusual. You can’t get that from Apple or Lenovo.

    Comment by Jan | 2 November 2012 | Reply

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