250 days to go …


Windows XP released on august 24, 2001 is in about 250 days End Of Life

Is this a problem? No, absolutely not. There is a great alternative and it’s name is Linux.

Linux is a free and open source operating system ( it means you can download it for free, share with your friends or even alter it the way you want to ), it’s reliable and sturdy.
It comes in different flavors ( called distributions ) and desktop environments.

Some great distributions are :

Debian GNU/Linux
Linux Mint, based on Ubuntu
Linux Mint Debian Edition ( LMDE ), based on Debian testing
SolydXK, based on Debian testing.
Lubuntu, To be honest, I don’t like Ubuntu, their policy and their forums, but Lubuntu is really a great distribution. It’s Ubuntu with the Lxde desktop environment.

Non commercial ( community ) support is offered by forums like Debian net, openSUSE Forums, Linux Mint, Linux Mint Nederland, Linux Mint Users Belgium, SolydXK forums and Ubuntu forums UK

Desktop Environments :

GNOME : Debian GNU/Linux, openSUSE
KDE : Debian GNU/Linux, openSUSE, Linux Mint, SolydK
Xfce : Debian GNU/Linux, openSUSE, Linux Mint, SolydX
Lxde : Debian GNU/Linux, openSUSE, Lubuntu
MATE : Linux Mint, LMDE
Cinnamon : Linux Mint, LMDE

Downloads :

Debian GNU/Linux
Linux Mint

Btw, if you’re using an other Windows version then XP you can also switch to Linux 😉