It’s not too late to help a hero!


Give Chelsea Manning the gift she deserves

Friends, we are facing a challenge, and we need your help.
manning-seasons-greetings400This year, while people everywhere prepare to spend holidays with their families, taking much-needed breaks from work and everyday life, a humanist and a hero remains imprisoned.

As supporters of Army whistleblower Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning, you have impressed us for three years with your dedication, and the hope it’s given to Chelsea and those closest to her. Next Tuesday, December 17, marks Chelsea’s fourth birthday in prison, and we are asking you now to help us give her the support she deserves this holiday season.

For a limited time only, your donations will be matched by a generous anonymous donor – this means that if you give $100 today, then $200 will go to her Defense Fund.

While young, Chelsea has faced many life-altering challenges. She suffered a violent and dysfunctional home environment, bullying for being gay, and even a period of homelessness prior to joining the army at the age of 19. Through all these obstacles, she remained committed to educating herself, asking hard questions, and taking risks in the name of helping other people. That is why upon witnessing injustices in the Iraq War, she felt compelled to show the public the truth about government actions in the Middle East and elsewhere.

She now faces up to 35 years in prison for her actions, and was it not for your support, Chelsea might have to face this challenge alone.

Help Support the Defense Fund. For a limited time, donations will be doubled by a matching grant!

And if you agree that 35 years is far too long a sentence for showing the public the truth, please share this message widely with your friends!

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