Regular Support Debian squeeze / squeeze-lts

Regular security support for Debian GNU/Linux 6.0, “squeeze”, will be terminated on May 31, 2014. A new suite named “squeeze-lts” and containing only two architectures, i386 and amd64, will be made available with support extended until February 2016 to provide a five year support cycle. A reminder that the scheduled freeze date for Jessie has been set for six months from now on Wednesday, November 5, 2014. In the same message, Niels Thykier reported on the Release Team’s architecture meeting, held on April 12, 2014, about the status of the architectures and considering their suitability for Jessie. Recursive auto-removals have returned, with warnings to the maintainers of the involved packages prior to removal.

Source : Bits from the Debian Release Team