Picked up my radio hobby again

Picked up again my oldest hobby, radio amateur.

I started with this hobby when I was 12 or 13, so yes that’s been a couple of days ago 😉
My* first receiver was a Sony, don’t know what type, except it had medium and shortwave

Later I got 2 Eddystones and a Grundig Satellit 1000*.

When I moved to a place of my own I took 1 Eddystone with me. The radio hobby got less and less because at that time I was more interested in music and photography.

In the late ’90s I got interested again so I bought my first receiver, a Yupiteru MVT-7100

In 2011 I bought a second scanner, a Uniden Bearcat UBC 3500 XLT.
Sold it in 2013 because I needed the money (I still regret this)

This year I bought again a second receiver, this time a base scanner, a Commtel COM205


I listen to CB (27MC), Amateur Radio, Aviation and Maritime communications.
Both receivers need to be programmed by hand, that’s a little pita 😉

The MVT-7100 has an antenna tuned for airbands, the original antenna is at the moment temporarily installed on the COM205. The reception in my living room is ok, but the COM205 definitely needs a better antenna

* These receivers were not actually mine but my fathers but I was free to use them