10 years https://tuxict.wordpress.com

Today 10 years ago I started blogging, the blog url was ariedejonge.wordpress.com
In the beginning the blog was completely in dutch, now I’m writing most in english because my readers come from all over the world.
Most of the posts are about my hobbies like computers / ICT, photography, geocaching (not any more) and lately radio amateur.

This year I changed the url to tuxict.wordpress.com, and there I made a “mistake”. I was offered to create an empty blog with the old url. I didn’t do that, and that was not very smart 😦
The url’s of the old posts are dead, if I created that empty blog and made a post that the url has changed people would know where to find all the old posts. Yeah, I lost a lot of readers by that action 😦

So much for history, now let’s talk about the future 😉

I keep blogging about the things I’m interested in / concerns me.
I started again with some studies, if there is any progress worth mentioning, I’ll put it on my blog.

As some of you know I’m long time unemployed. Due to stonewalling by the goverment and my former employer (and my age) my changes to get a job are gone. And that really sucks 😦