Cook like a chef

After ruining an other non-stick pan I made the decision to completely ditch non-stick pans and only use the Cast Iron and stainless steel (frying)pans I allready have*

If you prepare (seasoning?) your pans good, the non-stick characteristics of the Cast iron and Stainless steel frying pans and Dutch ovens are as good as teflon or ceramic non-stick pans without the cons. Unlike teflon and ceramic pans your Cast Iron and stainless steel pans will last for ever. Cleaning your pans? Just warm / hot water and brush it, that’s it 😉

I still have 1 small non-stick fryingpan for baking eggs, but this wil soon be replaced by a small Cast Iron or Carbon Steel fryingpan (a small stainless steel fryingpan is to expensive for me at the moment)

* Fissler Stainless steel frying and cooking pans
Hackman Cast Iron Dutch Ovens, wok and “hapjespan” (sautepan)
Staub Cast Iron grillpan

Update December 27, 2016 : Now I have also a Turk Carbon Steel fryingpan