Netrunner Dryland – 12.12 BETA

For immediate download and testing, here are the Beta versions of the upcoming Netrunner Dryland – Third Edition (12.12):

Some of the new features are:

KDE 4.9.2
Firefox-KDE 16
Thunderbird 16
LibreOffice 3.6
VLC, Tomhahawk, Kdenlive, Gimp, Inkscape, Krita
New UI (Window and Desktop Theme)
Complete new Font

Source Twitter :

Please report any issues on or in the forums.


Netrunner Dryland – Third Edition (12.12)

A new Netrunner is on it’s way :

We have started to work on the next version of Netrunner called Dryland – Third Edition (12.12).

It is based on Kubuntu 12.10 and as the version number indicates, we plan on releasing the final version in December.

We will also follow the October release of Kubuntu with a Netrunner 12.12 Beta 3-4 weeks later, then take another 4-5 weeks for the public release.

So from now on, Netrunner will follow an official release cycle with fixed dates for all further releases, giving us +8 weeks time between each new Kubuntu release and the Netrunner release.

That means Netrunner will feature a new version number system starting with Dryland TE (12.12), then Netrunner version+1 (13.06), Netrunner version+2 (13.12), and so on.

Twitter on october 28th :

Netrunner 4.2 Dryland – Second Edition released!

Netrunner Dryland SE has been released.
Netrunner is a Kubuntu 12.04 LTS based distribution

These are some of the new features:
KDE 4.8.3
Firefox-KDE integration
Gimp 2.8
Skype 4.0
Samba Mounter for easy NAS setup
Webaccounts for integrating your social accounts
Runners-ID for free and libre cloud storage and music streaming
Muon Discover

Download via Torrent (use this for best performance):

Download from server (for best performance PLEASE USE TORRENT ABOVE):

Read more on the Netrunner welcome page

Netrunner Dryland – Second Edition RC

Netrunner Dryland SE RC ( Relesease Candidate ) has been released.

Netrunner is a Kubuntu 12.04 LTS based distribution


Kernel 3.2
KDE 4.8.2
GTK2/3-KDE-Integration (via oxygen-gtk)
Gimp 2.8

Download Netrunner Dryland SE RC here

Bron : Netrunner OS website

Netrunner 4.2 – Dryland SE

Binnenkort komt er weer een nieuwe release van Netrunner, een KDE distro gebaseerd op Kubuntu 12.04 LTS :

We are preparing our next release:
Netrunner 4.2 called “Dryland – Second Edition”.

As the name indicates, it will continue on the Dryland cycle, yet be a full release that includes all the latest stuff from precise pangolin (and then some).

Since it is based on upcoming Kubuntu 12.04, we hope to have it ready 2 weeks after their official release.

An upgrade tool is also being tested to allow upgrading from Dryland -> Dryland SE.

Bron : Netrunner OS website

Netrunner 64bit is here!

Vandaag is Netrunner 4 64 bit uitgekomen. Netrunner is gebaseerd op Kubuntu ( Ubuntu met de KDE desktop ).

Our first 64bit version of Netrunner 4 Dryland is here!
It’s also our first hybrid disk image!
It has the same features than the 32bit version with current stable KDE 4.7.4, Muon 1.2.95 (which fixes the package management issues) and GTK2+GTK3 configurator “kde-gtk-config” preinstalled.

Just grab a copy from our Downloads page and Happy Runnin’ for the weekend!

Download via Torrent (use this for best performance):

Download from server (for best performance PLEASE USE TORRENT ABOVE):

Bron : Twitter

Netrunner 4 Dryland

De laatste dagen wat met Netrunner zitten spelen. Netrunner is een Linux distributie gebaseerd op Kubuntu ( Ubuntu met de KDE desktop ). De installatie gaat hetzelde als bij Ubuntu / Linux Mint, alleen zit hier geen slideshow bij. Na de installatie heb ik het menu gelijk vervangen door de Kickoff Application Launcher.

Netrunner werkt erg prettig, iets wat ik vroeger beslist niet vond van KDE, wat dat betreft heeft KDE ( naar mijn mening ) echt vooruitgang geboekt.

Na de installatie niet gelijk je systeem bijwerken ( zoals ik 😦 ), maar eerst een paar pakketbronnen uitschakelen :

Today gnumdkg ppa updated KDE to latest 4.8, please do not make a full update in netrunner without disabling the gnumdk first:

Start synaptic and go to Settings – Repositories and untick those two lines:

Otherwise you risk breaking your system and not be able to start KWin after login.

We are working on a solution to fix this automatically.

Dit staat trouwens netjes op de download pagina vermeld :

Please read before updating:

De Netrunner desktop tijdens het updaten met Synaptic