October 2017

My October album.


More pictures / albums on Flickr


From Picasa Web Albums to Flickr

After Google abandoned Picasa Web Albums my pictures were moved to Google Photo’s. And that sucks. With Picasa I could share a link to my albums with any one, whether they had a Google account or not. With Google Photos? Forget it. So I’ve downloaded all the albums and will upload them to Flickr.
Here is the first album : a concert by Aussie Floyd (an Australian Pink Floyd tribute band), at the World Forum The Hague, 2012 April 29.


Dinner time

Yesterday I noticed some Jackdaws were eating the food that was meant for the smaller birds like Great Tit and Redbreast (European Robin). With my camera it wasn’t possible to take a picture, as soon as I moved they flew off. Today I installed an old webcam (640×480) and controll it from my computer.
Webcam : Logitech QuickCam Express V-UBC40
Program : Guvcview